Getting Pre-Approved For a Mortgage

Some of the most common questions people have when they are thinking about beginning a house hunt is how does the mortgage process work? Potential home buyers are asking questions like: How hard is it to get a home loan? How do I get pre-approved? Can I get a home loan? What is the process to get a loan to buy a home?  Here is a brief overview to help you understand the process of getting pre-approved.

This is the most important first step to take when deciding to purchase a home. In a hot market like we are seeing in 2018 - having your pre-approval all set could be the difference between getting in contract  and missing out on your dream home. To get pre-approved, talk to a trusted mortgage advisor. They will  meet with you to take the initial application for financing.  Make sure to have your paperwork in order- the information you need will be a 2 year work history, 2 year residency history and personal information needed to obtain a credit report.

With information obtained above the Mortgage advisor will calculate the maximum purchase price and the estimated total monthly payment including taxes and insurance. Once that is done - congratulations! Your pre-approval letter will be issued to you and your Realtor! (Now you can begin looking for a house!) 

For more information on getting pre-approved or a for a list of mortgage brokers in the north central Ohio area, call Stephanie Webb with Remax First Realty at 419.709.0489 or via email at StephanieWebbTeam@gmail.com.